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Stories From The Hearts

Of Caregivers We Have Helped

Below Are Real Stories Submitted By Actual Caregivers Who Chose To Share

This is my husband, the man that lights up my life and lights up any room that he enters with his beautiful smile and wonderful attitude. That is, until two years ago when he received - WE received - the devastating news that my husband had cancer. He would require major surgery and prior to that months of extensive chemotherapy.

We describe our marriage as being a team sport. We are team players in everything we do - and have always used the phrase “there is no I in team”, until the “I” became just me, his wife.

The traditional definition of caregiver is a person, either a professional or close relative, who looks after a child, elderly person, invalid, etc.; one who takes care of a thing, place, or person; one put in charge of anything, or in my case EVERYTHING. We were already one of those “paycheck to paycheck” households, and our home was our pride and joy. I laid awake at night wondering how the bills would be paid while he battled this medically challenging experience, but most importantly how I would be able to keep a roof over our heads and still be able to focus on my husband’s health.

That is where Melissa’s Wish came into our lives and truly became my lifesaver. They helped us in a financial way that alleviated a burden that was weighing me down, morning, noon and definitely through sleepless nights. They were there for me when I needed the help that I did not know how to ask for, or whom to turn to.

I will always be grateful to Melissa’s Wish for being there for us in a time of need, and with their financial assistance I was able to focus on the more important issues that needed to be dealt with - and that was making sure my husband could find his way back, while I took care of myself to be strong to help him do that.

Please recognize the importance of helping the caregiver and continue to support this wonderful non-profit organization.

- Janice Z.


I would like to take the time to show my deepest appreciation to Melissa’s Wish. No one expects any kind of hardship resulting from taking care of a loved one, but unfortunately in life that may happen.

To provide the proper care to my husband, I was forced to stop working at one of my jobs and cut the hours I was working at another. Our finances were dwindling, and I was unable to maintain the car loan payment.

That is when Melissa’s Wish came into our lives. They worked miracles with the finance company and helped remove a huge financial burden. Our Prayers were answered by a young lady who understood the turmoil a family undergoes when caring for their loved one.

I am forever grateful to Melissa’s Wish for coming into our lives, at a time where I was uncertain how I would make it through another day. We hope Melissa’s Wish continues to bless families in need, answering their Prayers.

- Evette R.

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